Charity ResearchBest free charity research websites – 2023

Using free charity research websites can connect you to a gold mine of information. With their help,

  • You can track down individual charities and view their operations and finances.
  • You can check charity missions, programs, spending, assets, liabilities, staff and board, and much more.

It’s up to us donors to evaluate charities

While many charities do strong work with the moneys entrusted to them, others lack focus or management and produce little impact. Boost the impact of your giving — find and support excellent charities working on the causes you care most about.

Who evaluates and monitors charities?

Private businesses and their activities, finances and impact are evaluated and monitored by customers and investors.

But that’s not the case with charities. Most charities must register with the IRS and file annual information returns on Form 990. But the IRS is not set up to evaluate or monitor charities.

The best-known charity evaluator — — has ratings for fewer than 10% of the nonprofits listed by the IRS. And itself urges us donors to do our own due diligence on the charities we seek to support. To look at the financial health of the organization, its accountability and transparency and its results.

It’s up to us donors. We need to do our own research.

Best free charity research websites

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