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Car donations are different from cash donations

The overall benefits of a typical car donation are much less than from donating the same value of cash. FAQ/ How are car donations different from cash donations?

Is a charity car donation smart or foolish?

Ever thought about donating your used car to charity? You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of cars have been donated to charities.

Donating your used car to a charity will take the car off your hands. But maybe you and the charity together would be better off if you sold the car and donated all or part of the proceeds.

From an overall benefits viewpoint, what’s the best thing for you to do? The answer depends on your car and your circumstances, and what the charity would do with your car. And the Car Donation Calculator will help you figure it out.

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If you’re new to CarDonationCalculator.org, Start Here is the page for you. It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and confidently make a smart decision about donating your car to charity.

What’s your used car worth?

Knowing what your car is worth is key to making a smart car donation decision.

Figure out your car’s value at Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book.

Run the Calculator and find the smartest approach for you

The Calculator will quickly help you figure out the smartest approach for your car, in your circumstances.

It will produce a one-page report for you. And show you the benefits of the three different approaches. Plus give you a letter grade to each.

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