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What’s your used car worth?

What would your used car sell for in a private sale? What if you wanted to do a trade-in with a dealer? You can find the answer to both questions at the used car valuation sites shown below.

Video: Value Your Used Car at Edmunds.com in 3 Minutes or Less

Gather your car info to get the best value picture

Car valuation websites can provide both private sale and trade-in values, based on the details about your used car. To find the details, take a look at the owners manual and other paperwork. And, of course, check the odometer. Print out this page and write down the details.

Subject         Details about your used car  
Year manufactured
Category or style or trim package
How equipped (transmission,
engine, sound system, etc.)

Used car valuation sites

SiteEdmundsKelley Blue Book
Start hereClick here to start at the “Appraise Your Car” page.Click here to start at the “Just Curious” page.
Do thisGo through and enter the details.
A single results page will tell you both the trade-in and private sale values.
Go through first and get the private sale value.
On that results page, you can click to get the trade-in value.
Private sale value
Trade-in value