Doing good matters — so let’s do good well

You know that doing good matters — so you donate, you volunteer, maybe you even do both.

It’s your money and your time. You don’t want to waste it. When you do good, you want to do good well

Is the time and money you give well spent?

You know that some charities do strong work with the resources entrusted to them. And that others do weak work, wasting donated dollars. Ever worry that you’ve chosen a waster?

Like you, we’ve seen the regular reports of “charity” fakers — who don’t even try to do good with what’s donated to them.

We’re troubled by generosity being lost on wasters and fakers — and believe that you are too.

How to do good well

You need to identify and support strong charities doing solid work. You need to avoid the wasters and fakers. We can help you do that — help you do good well. Help you be a savvy donor. is dedicated to those generous people across the U.S. who donate their money and time to charities. And to helping them do good well.

People, individuals, like you and me, are by far the largest source of donated support for charities year after year (giving more than $375 billion in 2020 alone). On top of that, individual volunteers are crucial to charity and community programs (giving more than $170 billion in time per year). The good work charities do would not happen without individual generosity.