Find a nonprofit IRS Form 990 super fast and free


You know that the EIN (Employer Identification Number) is the unique identifier for any nonprofit registered with the IRS. EIN checking is more precise than DNA testing.

And the EIN is the gateway to information about the nonprofit, with the organization’s IRS Form 990 being the first place to look. is my favorite way to find EINs. It’s super fast and free. Of course, you can also ask the nonprofit to tell you its EIN (they should do it without hesitation).

And there’s a super fast and free way to use an EIN to find an organization’s latest Form 990.

It’s based on’s Nonprofit Explorer (one of my top seven free charity research websites).

It’s simple, fast and free, once you have the group’s EIN, 

  1. Start a new search at or or another search engine
  2. Enter followed by a single blank space followed by the EIN (leave out any dashes or hyphens please).

For example 142007220 will take you to the IRS Form 990 for Pro Publica Inc.