People, individuals, like you and me, are by far the largest source of donated support for charities year after year.

Charity wasters and “charity” scammers

Year after year, however, the system permits charity wasters (doing weak work, wasting donated dollars) and “charity” fakers (scammers, stealing money we intend to go to good) to thwart our generosity.

It’s wrong that so much community generosity should be lost on wasters and fakers.

None of us wants to fall victim to wasters and fakers. We want to do good well.

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Be a savvy donor

As a savvy donor, you’ll be happy to 

  • continue to make a difference in the world
  • protect your generosity from wasters and fakers
  • support strong charities doing solid work
  • give wisely and well
  • and save time and worry while doing it.

Our 50 plus years of nonprofit, financial and legal experience have shown us how to help you identify strong charities doing solid work and avoid the wasters and fakers. We want to help you be a savvy donor — to help you do good well. Get started . . . 

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