What will the charity do with my car?

Donated cars are normally sold by or for the charity

Chances are, your donated car will be sold by or for the charity.

At times, however, charities use donated cars directly in their work (giving them to individuals and families in need, or using them in repair or teaching programs, or using them for day-to-day operations).

It can make a big difference

What the charity does with a donated car can make a big difference in the overall benefits of donating the car.

  • If the charity uses the car in its programs, it receives the full value of the vehicle for its work and the donor earns a larger itemized deduction (based on the private sale value).
  • If the car is sold, the charity receives less and the donor’s itemized deduction is smaller (based on the actual sales price).

Before donating your car, ask the charity whether they use donated cars in their programs. If they do, find out how they decide which cars will be used that way. If it’s really important to you that the charity use your car in its work, don’t donate unless the charity confirms that that they will do so.

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