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Peace at the End is a project dedicated to peace, comfort, support and dignity at the end of life.

Without Peace at the End

Intensive Care UnitToday: Most deaths by natural causes happen in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. This means an emergency room, intensive care unit, rehabilitation unit or similar place. The patient is surrounded by machines, likely to be prodded or awakened at all hours. Not peaceful or dignified.

Even for deaths at home, the experience can be far from ideal. With loving but untrained family members exhausted and stressed by providing or supervising care for a person they love. This can bring arguments, panic, 9-1-1 calls, turf battles, medication mistakes and painful long-term memories.

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With Peace at the End

Four BrothersEach of us has time and makes space near the end of life for peace, comfort, support and dignity.

We have time and space,

  • To be with those we love.
  • To achieve, resolve and prepare.
  • For meaningful conversations, fulfilling wishes and sharing stories and laughter.
  • For quiet reflections.
  • To reconcile, connect and support each other.

You can be part of the Peace at the End project.

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