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You don’t have to be a hackerHacker

You can easily examine the latest tax returns for the Key Worldwide Foundation, the nonprofit in the middle of the college admissions scandal.

They’re publicly available, under the public records rules that apply to all nonprofits and charities.

It takes less than three minutes to find a return

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to CharityCheck101.org and find the listing for the foundation. Grab its EIN (the unique number assigned by the IRS to each nonprofit). I searched for “Key Worldwide” – next
  2. Go to the Foundation Center 990 Finder page and
    1. In the blue 990 Finder box, click the More Search Options down arrow and enter the EIN in the EIN (no dashes) box and click Search.
    2. On the Search results page, in the left hand column click the organization name for the 990 return you wish to see to view or download the return.
    3. Click on the icon and you’ll go to a viewable and downloadable copy of the foundation’s tax return.

You can do this yourself in three minutes or less, for any nonprofit registered with the IRS that has filed a recent nonprofit return.

I’ve done it for you

Click to view and/or download the Key Worldwide Foundation Form 990 (for 2016 = latest found)