Savvy Donors do good well
Doing Good Matters

 Savvy Donors Do Good Well

Many generous people donate to charities but then aren’t sure if it’s money well spent.

Life is too short to donate to charity wasters and fakers. And it’s just plain wrong that weak charities waste donated money and fake charities steal donated money.

At, we help generous people be Savvy Donors.

Savvy Donors know how to find strong charities and avoid charity wasters and fakers.

Savvy Donors know whether their donated money is well spent. Savvy Donors do good well!

Be a Savvy Donor (3 steps)

Step 1

Take the DonorType Quiz (below) and see if you’re already a Savvy Donor

Step 2

Join in and you’ll get ideas, tools and info to help you become or be a Savvy Donor

Step 3

As a Savvy Donor, you’ll find and support strong charities. You’ll avoid wasters and fakers. You’ll know you’re doing good well

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