Let’s all do good well

Individuals (that’s you, me, our friends, our neighbors) donate more than $366 billion to charities a year (direct giving (including bequests) in 2020). And that doesn’t even include what individuals give through family foundations.

Individuals as a group are by far the most powerful force for charity — providing more than 80% of the donated dollars.

Charities vary greatly

While many charities do strong work with the moneys entrusted to them, others lack focus or management and produce little impact.

Be discerning. Know whether you’re giving to strong charities, or weak ones. Moving your giving from a weak charity to a strong charity UPs your impact. And together, if we all do it, it will make a huge difference.

Move your support to stronger charities

Moving Charity Services UPMoving just 10% of individual giving away from under-performing to top-notch charities means a $36 billion annual enhancement of strong charitable services. Moving on UP!

$36 billion better-directed makes for important charity changes

It can create

  • Better health, education, disaster response, human services, arts, humanities, environmental and other services for those in need.
  • A raising of the performance bar for all charities, fostering the improvement or elimination of ineffective charities.
  • Stronger results for all donors (individuals, foundations and corporations alike).
  • More effective use of the time and energies of volunteers.

Source: Giving data is as reported in Giving USA 2021: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2020, a publication of Giving USA Foundation™. The Giving USA Foundation offers the full report for sale.