Let’s all do good well



I’m Ed Long, JD. I’m devoted to excellence in both charitable giving and end-of-life care. I created this site to share with you and others as you seek to do good well in those vital arenas. I hope you find it helpful.

My background includes extensive hands-on experience in the legal, nonprofit, elder law, care planning and financial fields. I’ve created and managed nonprofits and helped others evaluate them. A few accomplishments:

  • After earning my college business degree, earned my law degree at age 23 — serving also as a law review editor.
  • Practiced government and corporate finance law for 20+ years with a major Wall Street law firm — where I helped raise billions of dollars for projects and organizations around the U.S.
  • Practiced elder law for 15+ years in my own law firm and then as co-founder/staff attorney for elder-assisting nonprofit — where I helped older adults and families create better plans and results.
  • Served for 20+ years on the bioethics committees at two prominent hospitals — where I repeatedly saw the results of care planning done poorly or not at all.
  • Provided well-received community education programs over 25+ years — helping attendees understand and evaluate nonprofits and in other programs helping them do better elder law/care planning.

Note: Please don’t add up all those years — there was some overlap so I’m not 103+ years old. 

You can also find me on LinkedIn.

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Ed Long

Looking for SeriousGivers.org? It’s gone, but I’m keeping much of its content and information alive here at EdwardWLong.com and at CharityCheck101.org