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I’ve aged since this nice photo was taken 🙂

Charity Clarity: For a long time I’ve focused on philanthropy and charities and on helping us all find and support strong charities doing solid work. See DoingGoodMatters.org and CharityCheck101.org.

End-of-life care and decisions: I believe that we all deserve peace at the end of life. So for the last dozen+ years I’ve spent a lot of my time as a volunteer focusing on improving the end-of-life experience for men and women and families in and beyond my community. I helped create the project called Peace at the End and the end-of-life home called Caring House in Torrance, CA. I’m now living in Portland, OR, and helping Friends of Hopewell House create an end-of-life care home for the community.

I’m Ed Long, nonprofit entrepreneur, teacher, philanthropy guide and retired attorney and nonprofit executive, serving with care, creativity, diligence and empathy.

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