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 Savvy Donors Keep Track of their Giving

Create a Giving Inventory

Keeping an inventory of your giving is a great way to focus and monitor your donations. Your giving inventory will show you:

  • When you gave.
  • How much you gave.
  • Which charities you gave to.
  • Each charity’s cause, issue or mission.
  • What geographic area(s) they serve.
  • What triggered the donation.
  • Who asked for the donation.

For more complete results, include your donations from the most recent full calendar year. Look for donations shown in your checkbook, credit card statements and income tax return.

We’ve attached sample blank inventory form for you.

Your inventory can also be a great help at income tax time. Keep your charity receipts and acknowledgments with your inventory. Always include the organization’s EIN (employer identification number).

Review your results regularly

Are you giving to causes you care about? Are you responding to triggers that surprise you? Have you been focusing on the geographic area(s) you want?

Print or download sample blank inventory form

Savvy Donors keep track of their giving.

Inventory Management